Why Should I Care About NFTs?

  1. The average price of an NFT art or photo was around $1,500 per piece in April 2021 (According to Businessinsider) but there are cases where people sold digital artworks for $63 million on an NFT auction
  2. There are limited monetization opportunities for Instagram influencers at the moment
    • Shoutouts and direct marketing are time-consuming way to monetize your account and spams your quality posts with sometimes unrelevant content. Not to mention the willingness to pay for promoted posts lowered in the last three years.
    • Onlyfans is a pure adult centric way to monetize your content, not everybody prefers to step into the “nude” world.
    • Selling your photos on Stock photo sites like Shutterstock isn’t really for artists. It is overpopulated, and there is no real need for artistic images on these sites. The problem is even your photo becomes popular it will result only several downloads which means you will earn less than $10 with a popular image
  3. Photos are perfect examples of digital artworks, and there aren’t much photo NFTs at the moment. Our goal is to be the biggest NFT marketplace for photos
  4. If you like innovations and real income, NFT is definitely one of the biggest story of 2021!

Several days age we wrote a detailed article about “What Is NFT“, but it’s really simple to describe: NFT represents an existing digital or original photo or art on a crypto blockchain. From a technological point of view it might be hard to understand, but this is where Orhid comes into the picture. We want to handle the technical, marketing and management part of NFTs for you, so you could keep focusing on the creative part.

How Our Process Works?

  1. Apply for an account on Orhid (we accept our creators manually)
  2. If you get selected, you will receive a photo upload page via email from us. With the link you could upload some of your most artistic pictures (the pictures should match the requirements described in terms of service like you need to be the copyright owner of the image)
  3. We will select some of your pictures (most likely not all) and list them on the biggest NFT marketplace under AltPhotos collection
  4. We will also promote the NFTs on Orhid.co website and on our existing social media accounts, using watermarked pictures
  5. If somebody successfully purchases your NFT on the marketplace, you will get 80% of the net sales price (our share is 20%)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at orhid@orhid.co.

Start your NFT journey now!

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